Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Terry Gross at Town Hall

Last Wednesday night, Terry Gross, the long time interviewer of "Fresh Air," appeared, pretty much by herself at Town Hall on West 43rd Street, sharing stories of her most memorable radio interviews. Actually, I have heard many of these stories before, but the way she told them reminded me once again how important, even necessary her work is. What does Terry Gross do that is so simple and yet so appealing? Could it be that she has a way of plainly being herself, of coming across as genuine and sincere and honest, that many of us find rare and yet sorely needed?

I don't quite know, really, but I do know that when I listen to her I find her credible, interesting, and a superb witness to the people she encounters. She meets these people fairly and courteously, eager to learn more from them and providing them with the widest possible avenue to express their views. She is thus a superb conduit for artists, opinion makers, and politicians offering a little window into our complex and confusing world. I, for one, am grateful to her for accomplishing this mission day after day, even though I don't listen to her much any more. It is just good to know she is there and that one can turn to the "Fresh Air" archive at any time to get the best possible perspective on the people who shape our lives.

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