Thursday, June 10, 2010

A conversation with a New Yorker

I had just finished a wonderful bike ride on a beautiful pre-summer morning along the Hudson River pathway and I was waiting at the intersection of West End Avenue and West 70th Street for the light to change when an older woman who was standing next to me turned and said simply:

"Great day for a bike ride, huh?"

I answered, "Really a great day for anything outdoors."

"You're right," she affirmed, "like California, only, unlike California, it won't last."

"But while it does we savor and appreciate it more, because it is so fleeting. And even after the good weather ends, we still get to live in New York City."

"Hmm, so true. That's certainly how I feel. I just went for a long walk and will probably do another one before the day's over."

"That's so great. You are setting an example for all of us how to make the most of this perfect day."

"You, too. Have a great one."

"I will and you as well. Even though the perfect weather won't last, there is something perfect about some aspect of each day in this city. Don't you think?"

"Yes, that's just what I think. Bye, bye."

"So long." I walked my bike the rest of the short way home thinking about this simple encounter and the enduring joys of New York City living.

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