Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Definition of Heaven

Two nights ago at BAM, after the showing of the silent film "Diary of a Young Girl" accompanied by the band 3epkano, there was a reception offering free beer and bar treats in little bowls. The beer was Brooklyn Summer Ale (not bad, though doesn't reach the heights of Brooklyn Lager) and the treats included a mix of various nuts and pretzels and other fun stuff that I, well, couldn't get enough of, frankly. But here's where my new definition of heaven comes in. Usually, these treats go so quickly you only get a chance to grab a fistful or two before they are gone, but that night at BAM, it seemed that no one was consuming this particular mix. Every time I returned to the little bowl to dig out more stuff, there was no change at all in the amount still available. I could even recognize the little rifts and dents my greedy little fingers had left in what remained. Amazing. Free beer and inexhaustible amounts of a silly little treat I happened to crave. Ah, yes, heaven, indeed!

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