Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama Cool

There is a section of Jonathan Alter's "The Promise" that captures the many ways in which President Obama continues to be a "cool customer," almost to a fault. Among the characteristics that make Obama "cool" are:

-His almost preternatural sense of calm, even at the height of a crisis
-The confidence he radiates, which also means he has no need to posture or show off
-His effortless approach in which no sweating, grappling or struggling are apparent
-The fact that he NEVER panics or gets angry - people who have known him for years have never seen him raise his voice or lose his temper
-Just about nothing bothers him, with the likely exception of staffers who "leak" something he wants kept secret
-He is unflappable like Mr. Spock
-For Obama, most of the time, the head rules the heart, or at least that's how it appears
-He is supremely self-confident, comfortable in his own skin, he is the most genuine of public figures

I, for one, am impressed with the above. These traits make him an unusual and admirable figure. But people like, say, Maureen Dowd, who have to write about something, will turn this profile into a negative. Sad and wrong.

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