Sunday, June 13, 2010

Staten Island Without Wheels

Just about everything that has to do with Staten Island goes against being a pedestrian and a user of mass transit. The other day I was trying to get from Wagner College to the College of Staten Island, a simple and brief journey, but just a little too long to do by foot. I got on the first bus that showed up at the foot of the hill where Wagner stands and realized gratefully I would be early for my appointment at CSI. Ah, but not so fast. Turns out the particular bus I boarded veers away from Victory Boulevard, which is also where CSI is located, so I got off the bus and started to walk down Victory. With no other bus in sight and with more than half of my trip completed, I kept walking until I got to CSI, only to realize that while CSI officially fronts on Victory, it is a good half mile before you reach any actual buildings. I continued on foot and finally reached my destination, not early, but only about 10 minutes late. Still, it felt frustrating and, well, unnecessary, unless your default position is that it's okay for everything to be based on automobile travel. I know I'm spoiled by Manhattan, but it does seem this has to change, but that only a long-term vision can make this happen.

Later that evening I enjoyed a dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant called Bocelli's on Staten Island. But when it was time to leave I was completely dependent on my guests to convey me to the ferry terminal, some ten minutes away. There really was no other way to get there. Again, a good and dependable mass transit system would make such dependence unnecessary.

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