Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carole and James in the Garden

Well, we saw Carole King and James Taylor in a much awaited concert at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, and they did not disappoint us. They put on a great show. Interestingly, I found Carole's voice better suited to the ambient noises of the Garden. Her belting voice rose above the din, whereas James' quieter crooning was harder to catch at times. But they were both great, and it was fun to watch Karen happily weep through most of this. I am a fan, but she adores both Carole and James, really sees them as pop heroes, especially Carole, who is an important female role model for her. And they do both radiate joy and peace, which are pretty good things to, well, you know, radiate. I, too, enjoyed myself thoroughly and was amazed how great it was to hear these songs again, most of which are from the 1970s. They hold up really well, as do Carole and James.

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