Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time Out Jokes of the Week

Here are some Jokes of the Week from fairly recent issues of Time Out New York:

"I totally support the troops. I buy those cookies every year."
-Amy Schumer

"Peekaboo is a good excuse to not look at unattractive children."
-Jena Friedman

"Robots are getting better every year, which means in 30 years, if you’re at a party and start doing the robot dance, every robot in the room will be like, 'What the hell? Are you making fun of the retarded robots?'"
-Harrison Greenbaum

"The cost of living in this city is ridiculous; I used Craigslist to find an apartment, typed in my minimum and maximum for rent, and a picture of my parents’ basement popped up."
-Colin Kane

I want to remind you these aren't just any jokes; these ARE the jokes of the week. Either someone isn't digging deeply enough for the jokes of the week, or the Great Recession hasn't just made it hard to get a good loan, it's put a damper on good laugh lines as well.

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