Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Like It Hot!

It is unseasonably warm (as the Meteorologists say) in New York City. I just call it hot. Some people like it that way, but most don't. New Yorkers probably like the heat even less than the cold, especially when it gets into the high 80s or higher and their light, spring clothing starts sticking to their skin. They don't like being in the sweltering subways when it's hot and they don't like taking those long walks when it's hot. They don't like being stuck with twenty other sweaty people in an elevator when it's hot and they don't like climbing all those steps to get to their walk-up perches when it's hot. They also don't like sitting outside for dinner when it's hot (even though they adore alfresco dining) and they definitely don't care for standing on all those famous New York lines when it's hot. Hot makes life in New York just a bit more frustrating, just a tad more irritating. It can make our mildly frazzled nerves unravel and it can turn us from quietly annoyed commuters into raging urban monsters. Some like it hot, as you well know, but if you ask New Yorkers, most don't.

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