Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That Slice

We arrived early in the heart of the West Village for the fine play we saw last night, and so wandered down Hudson Street to grab a bite to eat and to catch a glimpse of the pre-Oscar buzz on TV. We had only strolled a few blocks when we slipped into a very small place called Slice, the Perfect Food (I think they like to use the whole name). We ordered an Ithaca Brown Ale (brewed in Ithaca, New York!) and a slice of some version of their pesto pizza. We sat happily sipping our beer and a chardonnay that Karen opted for over the beer and watched the people sashay down the red carpet.

Then our pizza arrived - one piece divided into four pieces. It was delicious and although admittedly we weren't that hungry at that time, surprisingly filling, too. That one slice goes a long way. Everything tasted so, well, tasty and fresh and spring-like and organic. And, as it turns out, all the ingredients are, in fact, organic and natural and gluten-free and antibiotic-free and even Spelt. In essence, spelt is a higher quality wheat, just chock full of all this stuff that is really good for you.

This experience at Slice, the Perfect Food has led us to the following vow. From now on all our dinners, when we are not away or working late, will be eaten at Slice. Each night we will savor a different version of their pizza. We will follow the pesto tonight with the advanced mushroom and then follow that up with the intermediate goat cheese and then really tie one on with the skilled eggplant and finish out the week with the master sausage. The following week we'll mix and match all our favorites and come up with our own secret recipe for a Slice, the Perfect Food that will definitively satisfy ourselves and startle and delight all our friends as well.

To Slice, the Perfect Food!


  1. Yum. But, does this mean a pilgrimage to the West Village or the Upper East Side for every dinner? Will Slice the Perfect Food actually deliver just one slice? What about the carbon footprint of delivery?
    And don't knock gluten. Except for a very few unfortunates with intolerance, gluten is a perfectly healthy protein and gives pizza dough its wonderful stretchiness.

  2. Well, actually, I'm a big fan of gluten, but, you know, it is nice for those "very few unfortunates."

    As for location, I'm glad you brought this up. The original Slice, the Perfect Food is on Second Avenue, between 73rd and 74th Streets. This does mean a walk across the Park every night, but we love that. No deliveries for us. The only footprint we're interested in is the one we make ourselves!