Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's 50 degrees in New York City today, the first time, I would say, since early November, and it is a great pleasure to enjoy such spring-like weather again. A walk through Central Park is called for with a side trip to the Whole Foods at 97th and Columbus. Lugging home two boxes of red wine, along with a nice supply of vegetables, fruit, and other assorted goodies, keeps us hardy.

Since New York is made for walking, the opportunity to travel by foot without the burdens of heavy jackets and clumsy boots is a big plus. And it's always a delight, too, to see all the people coming out of their houses to absorb the comparative warmth.

When the sun shines and the weather is mild and you haven't been able to enjoy such things for a while, you sort of feel like you can go anywhere in the City. Two hours of steady walking will take you all the way to the tip of the island and part way back up again. Sure, you can slip into the subway or board a passing bus, but even without them, all of Manhattan is in reach. And as I have said before, this is a little like having the whole world readily available to you. A very heady feeling, indeed!

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