Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New York Run

Much to our surprise, Karen and I are already well into our longest, uninterrupted run of Manhattan culture that we have been able to sustain in our short history together. Beginning Friday evening, February 12 and continuing through Monday, March 1, we are scheduled to attend at least one play, musical event, lecture, or film each afternoon or evening. Our calendar looks something like this:

February 12 - Enemy of the People (play)
February 13 - The War Room (film); Happy, Now? (play)
February 14 - Emotion and Motion (Sex and Dance at the Guggenheim Works and Process)
February 15 - Miracle Worker (play)
February 16 - Gladwell and Gopkin (lecture - 92nd Street Y)
February 17 - A Little Night Music (musical)
February 18 - The Underground Railroad (Lecture - New York Historical Society)
February 19 - Beethoven
February 20 - Fredrick Wiseman's Domestic Violence (Film)
February 21 - Beethoven
February 22 - Skip Gates at Barnes and Noble (lecture)
February 23 - Beethoven (last in the string quartet cycle)
February 24 - Special Show at MoMA
February 25 - Playwrights on Plays at Barnes and Noble (reading)
February 26 - Next Fall (play)
February 27 - Tempest at BAM (play)
February 28 - Leipzig Symphony Doing Beethoven at Carnegie Hall
March 1 - Recalling the Broadway Musical Fiorello at New York Historical Society

You got to admit, that's a lot of culture. And when you add in that I am already beginning to do a little side research on Annie Sullivan (Helen Keller's teacher), it gets very hectic, indeed. But, hey, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Please do look for commentary in this blog on many, though not all, of he various events indicated above.

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