Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New York Day

What should go into a day celebrating New York and ourselves? A delicious New York breakfast for sure, topped with bagels and lox. A journey to Central Park, darting in and out of bridges and tunnels, standing under the canopy of trees leading to the Bethesda Fountain, and hearing the birds in all their pre-spring vivacity. The museums for sure are a must, but which ones? MoMA and the Met, the Paley and the Museum of the City of New York. N-Y needs at least passing mention, as does the great public library. Our beloved Barnes & Noble has to be included where a new New York book can be bought or a DVD about the Examined Life examined. No plays this day, but many to be remembered and scenes to be read that give us happy pause. Poems are the order of the day, about love and life and work and love and play and serious savoring. And great music must be heard, the final concert of that great cycle of concerts that has caused us so much trouble and given us so much joy. And the day must end with loving appreciation of all that New York and one another can give. To New York and to us!

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