Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow in New York City

As probably the whole world knows by now, it snowed a lot on the East Coast yesterday. In some places, a whole lot. In New York City, there are reports of a foot of snow, but two blocks from the South end of Central Park, not far from where we live, snow accumulations don't exceed 6 inches. Still, there is something delicious about heavy snowfall when you don't have to deal with it in any way - no driving in it, no shoveling, no worry about snow accumulating on your rooftop. You wear layers and have a decent pair of boots handy and you're set to go just about anywhere in the city. And when you don't have to worry about removing the snow or navigating through it, you are free to enjoy it more fully. To appreciate how beautiful it is falling in the artificial light of late evening, or glistening in the early morning sun. And there is something especially festive about trudging through the snow, especially when it is relatively light, as you make your way to the bookstore or the movie house just down the street. In this regard, the area just in front of Lincoln Center is especially iconic. There is a large tree with purple Christmas lights sitting on the triangle where Broadway, Columbus and Amsterdam meet that seems to be one of the places that stands for Christmas in New York City.

Yesterday, we did, in fact, trudge to Lincoln Plaza - 63rd and Broadway - to take in the movie I've been meaning to see for weeks - "Me and Orson Welles." It was terrific, much better than could have been expected. The guy who plays Orson Welles, even though he's too old is, well, perfect, and the whole movie is a jovial remembrance of the music and the popular entertainment (or is it art?) of 1937. My kind of movie. Jaunty, fun, historically accurate, with a pretty good message about what makes life worth living.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Saw the film last night at our neighborhood multiplex and enjoyed the hell out of it. Christian McKay was great as Welles. And he'd be perfect to play Carl Reiner when the next Sid Caeser-esque film comes along.