Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hair Loss Post and Christopher Plummer

I hope that all you loyal readers noticed something striking about yesterday's post. Right alongside my hysterical post about my balding head were a series of google ads to prevent hair loss. How does that work? What mysterious technical process makes it possible for the ad people to absorb all those posts out there and then to affix the appropriate promotional blurb?

On a tenuously related note, I went to see an interview with the actor Christopher Plummer at Film Forum last night and even at the age of 80 (80th birthday this month), he has a full head of beautiful, white hair. Not only that, he gets to be Christopher Plummer! You see, not only is Christopher Plummer one of the finest actors of our time, especially as a stage actor, though he's done some fine film work, too, he is clever and charming and incredibly articulate as well. Not sure it's entirely fair for someone to be so talented and so entrancing as a person, too, but that's pretty much how he comes across. At this interview, by the way, it was suggested that Mr. Plummer's new theatrical memoir, In spite of Myself, is one of the great books about the theatre in recent memory. Sounds like the perfect read for a long plane flight or for a series of relatively short rides on the Staten Island Ferry.

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