Sunday, May 2, 2010

We have bike storage!

A sensational thing has happened. It is the fulfillment of all our New York dreams. With this new development, we now feel we have achieved authentic status as Manhattan residents. We have bike storage!

Yes, it's true, deep in the bowels of our apartment building our two bikes now hang from their front wheels in their assigned spaces - Numbers 64 and 80. We have a special electronic key that buzzes us in, allowing us to retrieve our bikes from this surprisingly spacious storage area, and then either tuck them into the elevator for the ride to the ground floor, or just haul them the short, single flight up. No more clutter for us. No more struggling to keep the bikes from dirtying our clean floors. No more stuffing them into elevators for the 6 flights down.

Best of all, our bikes are now completely protected from the elements. No more rusted chains. No more corroded brake lines. No more winter dirt caked on to the handlebars and the seats. We now have bikes that can last and storage that can not be taken away from us for as long as we live in our building. And now that we have bike storage, there's just no chance we'll be leaving any time soon. But I gotta make this short. I have some bike riding to do! And after that, the fun of putting my bike back into my own special storage space.

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  1. In the end, it's the simple comforts that make for quality of life. Congratulations.