Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Wonderful Thing A Day

How about this for a New Year's resolution? Do one wonderful thing a day. Just one. Since landing in New York City, this has become a bit of a dilemma for me, as there seem to be hundreds of things worth doing at any one point in time. Not surprisingly, though, this seemingly advantageous situation presents problems. How do you decide what one thing is worth doing? What about all those other wonderful things that you rejected in favor of that one great thing you did decide on? What if the one thing you chose turns out to be a stinker? Just think of all the great stuff you could have done instead. One solution is to try to fit in three or four or even five great things everyday, knowing that at least one, and maybe two or three, will turn out to be terrific. But this strategy can also drive you crazy, and in spreading yourself so thin, can cause you to lose interest in all of it.

I thus return to one wonderful thing everyday. It could be a play, a movie, a museum visit, a musical event, a book talk, even a substantial walk through Central Park (more than just a traverse to get somewhere else). It should be something worth taking note of, as well, in this blog.

Yesterday, we did one especially wonderful thing. We saw a play called "Circle Mirror Transformation," and it was not only engaging in itself, it reminded me of how remarkable theatre can be, indeed, in the words of one recent commentator, even how "necessary" theatre can be. But more about that tomorrow.

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