Friday, October 23, 2009

Indian Summer in New York City

It is warm today in the city, after a number of days of quite cold and rainy weather. But does this qualify as Indian Summer? According to Wikipedia, Indian Summer is a period of unseasonably warm weather (70 degrees or above) that occurs after the leaves have fallen and the first frost has taken place. If so, as I look around at the greenish canopy of trees that sits outside our terrace and when I consider that the cold weather did not descend to the freezing level, this current spate doesn't quite meet the official test. Nice weather but not a true Indian Summer.

In any case, it's nice and it would be very nice if it would last for a few days. The good weather makes Central Park biking a likelihood and opens up all sorts of opportunities for traversing the city by foot. With few commitments this weekend, except for a Neil Simon revival on Friday evening and a jazz concert on Saturday, the possibilities for getting in some good walking seem strong. A nice hike to Columbia, about 45 blocks to the North, as well as a sojourn to Greenwich Village, some 55 blocks to the South are both on the agenda. If the weather holds, the legs will be getting a good workout and the eyes will be feasting on the rich variety that makes this seemingly inexhaustible city so great.

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